Chapter 20: Halloween Surprise


It’s always risky business asking someone out whom you meet at a Halloween party. Especially when that person was dressed as a hula dancer with a major spray tan, coconut bra, and a very long black wig. Halloween Romeo took the risk, but I don’t think he was happy about the pale girl with short blondish hair who answered the door when he came to pick me up. Surprise! Dinner reservations had been made at an awesome Mexican restaurant, however, so the show had to go on. Grass skirt or not.Image

Soon into our meal it was me that was caught off guard. Surprise! Your date’s a total jerk! He mentioned at least 5 times that he was ‘extremely attractive’… and told plenty of stories about himself and his frat brothers who all were a lot like him: “You know…really tall, REALLY good looking…we are the kind of people who EVERYONE notices when we walk into a room….” (Yes, real sentence that I will remember forever.) He asked me a few questions about myself, and I thought he was listening intently to my answers. Surprise! He was just lost in a deep love affair with his extremely attractive reflection in the mirrored Spanish tiles on the wall behind my head.

After drowning both of our sorrows in a few margaritas, he drove me home. Upon pulling into my driveway, three things happened in pretty quick succession. 1. I said thank you. 2. He said, “So do you still have that hula outfit?” 3. I got out of the car. Surprise!


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