And so it begins. My secret blog of my so-called dating life. You’ve asked for it. You’ve begged. And now here it is. Ready and waiting to be filled with tales that some can’t truly imagine happening to them in real life. But they have happened to me. And they will continue to happen. Not because I desire or even invoke strange, odd, and hilarious situations, but because I like people. And I like meeting interesting people. And interesting people often lead to interesting dates. ‘Interesting dates’ is code for ‘material for my book’ and if the guy is lucky enough he will even get his own chapter. How’s that for anonymous fame? Ssshh.

So here it is. How to Not be my Boyfriend. Many have tried, some have succeeded. Most of them will simply be unknowingly featured here: detailing the funniest/creepiest/most unbelievable stories of my past 16 years . Happy reading.


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