Chapter 3: Farmer and his Friend


In high school, I was *almost* dating the guy from a neighboring town and my best friend was *almost* dating his best friend.  I do recall that one of them (not MY guy) was cute and quite funny. I just got stuck with his weirdo sidekick who knew that the distance between my house and my friend’s was 3.3 miles.

Now, keep in mind that my *almost* boyfriend is now a farmer. Like with his own land and own tractors and animals and things. I fully respect farmers, and I’m not knocking that career in the slightest. That was his dream when I knew him…and now he has it. He also now has 4 kids and a wife with bottle-blond hair who wears miniskirts, florescent yellow tops and stiletto fuchsia and leopard heels to the neighborhood grocery store with her bleach blond hair pulled up on top of her head and her bangs split in half with half curled up and back and the other half curled down over her forehead. Needless to say, he wouldn’t have been happy with someone like me. Like I said, someone for everyone…


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  1. Tizz, I appreciate your honest feedback. Please trust me when I say that I love people. I really do. Anyone who actually knows me would tell you that I am just about as far from rude and superficial as they come. Sorry that this post came across that way…I did not set out to be mean or hateful, but simply to elaborate on all of the comical dating mis-adventures of which I’ve been a part. Please don’t judge me too harshly after only my first few posts!! =-)

  2. I don’t see that post as rude or superficial. You simply described the girl he (seemingly happily) ended up with and how you didn’t fit that mold at all, even though you thought at the time that he should’ve been matched with you! People need to lighten up. Looking forward to more of your dating adventures!!

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